Sunday, August 27, 2006

New School Year

As I start to set up for this new year I find myself looking forward to it. In years past I had as much anxiety as many of my students. However, switching to choice has really changed how I and my students view the art studio. It truly has become a place for the students to express themselves. I have finished most of the room preparations and unloaded boxes and boxes of supplies. A new feature this year will be the mini-centers. This is a shelf of totes which contain all of the materials to complete a fun, relevant lesson. Also new this year are sketchbooks which all students will embellish on their first trip to art. We will be using these each week to take notes and jot down any ideas we may have. Of course it is a great place to put sketches of potential projects and take notes on successes and even failures.
I will post pictures as soon as the room is 100 percent!


Blogger TedE said...

Are you no longer blogging?? Love what I see here!!!!!!

Artfully Yours, Ted E

7:19 PM  

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